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Premiership Season Rd 2 1982

ROUND 2 SENIORS- vs Fitzroy*
Saturday March 20th 1982 @ Waverley Park. - 38,685

R: 5.1 /10.2/13.6/20.10.130
F: 4.3/5.6/9.10/13.11.89

Malthouse, Strachan, Dunne, Smith, Jess, Landy, Raines, Rioli, Wood, Bartlett, CLoke, Welsh, Taylor, Mugavin, Weightman, Martello, Keane, Rowlings, Egan, Wiley.

Taylor 8.2 , Mugavin 3.0, Wiley 3.0 , Bartlett 3.3 , Cloke 1.2 , Smith 1.1, Rowlings 1.0

*This match was part of Round 2, but bought forward to precede the Round 1 matches. Alot of websites will recognise the debut of Rioli, Egan, Mugavin as Round 1 vs Nth - when infact it was this Round 2 clash vs Fitzroy.
It is up to that time, the earliest start to a season.
President Keith Weigard presents Ian Wilson with a stay sharp knife.
The first time Richmond play under the new electronic scoreboard which was unveiled at Waverley.
Richmond meet Fitzroy in a Round 1 match for the first time since 1970 - when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth attended.
Barry Rowlings is credited with 21 kicks.
The temperature is close to the 37c mark; also on this day is other club practice matches.
Kevin Bartlett plays the match with an old pair of contact lenses, after his new pair was lost during training the preceding Wednesday.  Although he sees everything as a blur, he manages to kick 3 goals.
David Cloke's first official game as Richmond captain.

Maurice Riole, Philip Egan, Noel Mugavin, Francis Bourke (coach)

Noel Mugavin reported by R. Sawers and goal umpire B Dunne for allegedly striking L Harris with the inside of his left arm to the head in the last quarter.


@ Waverley Park

R: 16.4.100
F: 25.18.168

Goals: Sarah 7, Winton 2, Scarce 2, King 2, Poole 1, Mattingly 1, Bain 1.

Sarah, Winton, Scarce, King, Poole, Mattingly, Bain, Nugent, Baker, Pearson.


@ Waverley Park

R: 11.19.85
F:  19.23.137


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